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Custom Software

Software engineering is as much art as it is science. Creative problem solving is one of our software team's best assets. A creative approach allows us to engineer software solutions that meet your needs AND your budget.

Web Development

Most people don't distinguish between web design and web development . Web development is the process by which an engineer breaks down the design created by an artist and builds a functional website from it. A quality engineer will make all assurances that your website is architected from the ground up to maximize the use of current technology, reduce page load times, improve your search visibility, and make sure it functions properly across the myriad combinations of web browsers and platforms that exist today.

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Custom Software

We have a full software shop here at Searles Graphics. While web applications make up the majority of the demand for our services, our software team has created everything from server and desktop applications, to Android applications for smartphones and tablets, and large scale, distributed and hosted enterprise class applications.

Custom software solutions

Database Design & Development

At the heart of most software solutions lies a well-designed data model. The database provides the foundation upon which the entire application functions. Oversights, flaws, or a shortsighted design will limit the effectiveness and functionality of your software. Additionally, changes to the data model after deployment are costly and time-consuming, so it's important to get it right from the beginning.

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