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Reach Your Audience with

Targeted Direct Mail Services

At Searles Graphics, our direct mail services deliver your message directly to your audience’s hands, ensuring high-impact, targeted marketing. Whether you’re a local business on Long Island or a national brand seeking local engagement, we craft direct mail campaigns that resonate.

Why Choose Direct Mail?

Direct mail remains one of the most effective forms of targeted marketing, offering:

Tangible Engagement

Printed materials offer a tactile experience that digital advertising cannot replicate.

Targeted Reach

Tailor your message to specific demographics, ensuring your mailers reach the right audience.

High Visibility

Direct mail gets noticed, often staying in homes and offices longer than digital ads.

Our Direct Mail Services

anna in the tropics mailer

Custom Design

Our creative team designs impactful mailers that align with your brand and message, ensuring each piece is visually engaging.

Mailing Lists

We help you target your ideal audience by sourcing or refining mailing lists based on location, demographics, and behavior.


Variable Data Printing

Personalize your mailers with variable data printing, which allows you to customize each piece with recipient-specific information.

Printing & Fulfillment

Our advanced printing technology ensures high-quality mailers, and our fulfillment team handles the assembly, addressing, and postage for timely delivery.

Campaign Tracking

We provide comprehensive campaign tracking, offering insights into delivery rates, response rates, and overall campaign performance.

Applications of Direct Mail

Retail Promotions

Drive foot traffic with special offers and promotions.

Event Invitations

Ensure maximum attendance with personalized invitations.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Reach donors with compelling appeals for support.

Political Campaigns

Deliver your message directly to voters.

Why Searles Graphics for Your Direct Mail Needs?


Decades of experience in direct mail marketing, ensuring your campaign is in expert hands.


Each campaign is tailored to your brand and goals, maximizing impact.

Quality Assurance

From design to delivery, we ensure high-quality mailers that stand out in mailboxes.

Partner with Us

Elevate your marketing strategy with direct mail campaigns from Searles Graphics. Our personalized approach ensures your message reaches the right people at the right time, driving engagement and results.


Ready to start your next direct mail campaign? Contact Searles Graphics today to discover how we can help you reach your audience with precision and impact.

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