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Does Your Business Need a Mobile App? – The Messengers Podcast

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It seems like every business has an app these days. You use social media exclusively through apps, consume all media (music, television, movies, news) through apps and order services all through apps on your phone.

So it would make sense if you’re asking yourself, “does my business need an app?”

This often leads to a moment of surprise when people realize just how much it costs to build a mobile app. Not to mention, building an app isn’t just a one time purchase. It comes with constant maintenance to keep up with upgrading mobile devices and platforms, as well as bug fixes, which never come for free.

The only metric to consider when looking at getting an individualized app for your company is whether it’s going to have worthwhile ROI to justify the cost. A large volume of downloads doesn’t actually mean anything if it doesn’t translate into additional revenue for your business.

In this episode of the Messengers Podcast, Chris Searles and Rob Seifert talk about their experience working with companies looking for app design, some of the misconceptions that a lot of people have about the cost of app development, and the process for evaluating whether your business actually needs a custom mobile app at all.

The duo explains why you can’t cut corners on app development costs, the constant upkeep it takes to make an app user-friendly and boost profits, some of the app design process that a prospective business owner might never have considered before, and provides some viable alternatives to building a custom mobile app for your business.

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