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What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing has been a marketing buzzword for more than a few years now. It has been called many different things in the past – and even today a number of organizations whose primary business interest is in providing content marketing services to other companies still use their own variations on the term and idea. But what exactly is content marketing, and more importantly, what does it mean to your business or startup?

Simply said, this is content marketing. This article you’re reading right now. This article is designed to provide useful content to individuals who fit my target market: small business owners, marketers in medium-sized organizations, and entrepreneurs. All of these three core market segments should be able to find a tremendous amount of value in the content published here on this website.

I want you to read this blog post, find value in its content, share it with your friends and social networks, read more of my writing, follow me and my brands on social media, subscribe to my email list, and eventually, after I’ve provided an incredible amount of value to you for free, I hope we might be able to do business together. That’s my ultimate goal, as it should be for anything you choose to spend your money – and more importantly, your time – on for your business as well.

What I hope comes through in my writing is that gaining your business isn’t the only reason I do this; if it was, I would find another job. I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anybody else find success. I love watching businesses grow knowing I had a hand in creating that success. I love that I’m able to create a business from nothing more than an idea. I love that my job allows me to learn more about your business, your industry, your challenges, your customers, and most importantly, you.

So my version of content marketing, the one that works for me and my business at the moment, is this. It’s creating a library of resources that can help you along your journey for success in your own business. It’s providing tips, information, links, articles, ideas, and anything else I can to help you in your quest for growth and profitability. This strategy will change, it will grow, it will extend to different areas and mediums, but the core value I provide to you will remain the same.

Ultimately, I hope that I can earn your trust and your business. I hope that when you need a web designer, I’ve already proven to you that I’m the only choice. I hope that when you need someone to build version 1 of your mobile app, you’ll immediately know where to turn first. I hope that when you want to try to reach new clients with a direct mail campaign, there will be no question who you’ll use to design, print, and mail it for you. I hope that when you have a need for custom software development for your business, you don’t even think of talking to someone before you speak with me. I hope that when you need help with your social media, or even your own content marketing campaign, I’m your first phone call.

I know that will be the case for some of you. For the rest, I sincerely hope that you’re able to come away from an interaction with me or my content having learned something you can apply to grow your business or service your clients better. Whether you decide to work with me or not, I hope at the very least you’ll share the content you found valuable as a way to give something back after I’ve been able to give to you – or better yet, because you believe your friends will benefit from it the same way you have.

This is content marketing.


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