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Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts

We’ve designed a few iterations of the website for the Patchogue Theatre over the years.

This latest version features a mobile-first responsive web design, a custom event management system, and interactive seating chart, a virtual tour of the Theatre, and donation support.

Theatre staff has the ability to create, edit, and delete show listings in a way that ensures they will display properly across any device used to view the site, and allowing for wholesale design changes quickly and easily without the need to edit each individual show listing.

Theatre staff can also manage the shows that are featured on the homepage, allowing marketing personnel to highlight and promote the most important information at any given time.

The website was designed to be indexed daily by search engines to ensure up-to-date event listings on all major search engines and optimal SEO performance.

Searles Media also oversaw the rebranding of the website from a .com to a .org as a way to help ensure the public is aware of the Theatre’s operation as a non-profit entity.


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