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Our newest service brings one of our best print marketing tools to your business in a simple and convenient website.


Anybody that’s worked with us for any amount of time knows about our notepads. We’ve been producing them for ourselves for decades now and they’re one of the best marketing tools we use. While we’ve always printed notepads for clients, it’s not something we’ve ever really pushed. That changes today!

Today we launched a new custome notepad service at The goal is to provide the same amazing marketing tool we’ve always used to other businesses in a simple and convenient package where you can complete an order in minutes.

Notepads are an amazing marketing and promotional item for a number of reasons. First, everybody uses a scratchpad / notepad at home and at work. Whether you’re writing a to do list, a shopping list, taking a message for someone, writing a reminder for yourself, or you just need pen and paper to work something out, you always need a place to write notes.

At the same time, marketing is mostly about keeping your brand in front of prospects. What better way to do that then to have your logo, name, and contact information on the notepads that are kept on someone’s desk or coffee table? Not only does that person constantly see your brand, but so does everyone that gets a message, list, or note from that individual.

People spend a lot of money on promotional items that don’t work very well because they have no utility. But how many times have you been caught with a pen but nothing to write on so you scramble to scratch a note out on anything you can find? You’re not the only one.

So for everyone that’s a regular reader here, a customer of ours, a follower of mine, or just passing through, please take a look at our new site, and give it a test drive. Even if you decide not to buy (but you definitely should), I’d love to get your feedback. Call me, tweet to me, email me, message me on Instagram, contact me through my website, contact me through Searles Graphics’ website … whatever works best for you!


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