Variable Data Printing

Variable-Data Printing is a relatively new service offered here at Searles Graphics. If you're not familiar with the concept, the best way to explain how variable-data printing works is by example.

Intermediate Variable-Data Printing

ACME Business Supplies sells customized promotional materials to businesses, such as pens and mouse pads with the company's name, logo, and address. ACME wants to do a mailing to new businesses. Searles Graphics provides a mailing list of all new business registered in the past year on Long Island and in New York City and designs an oversized mailer that features ACME's best selling pen.

As the postcards come off the press, not only are they already addressed as in the simple example above, but the mouse pad graphic on the front of the postcard displays the recipients logo, address, phone number, email address, etc., allowing the reader to visualize the final product with their own brand included.

Advanced Variable-Data Printing

XYZ Real Estate specializes in Manhattan apartment rentals. Over the years, they've built up and continue to maintain a good database of their customers. The data they keep includes gender, age, income, credit score, and family makeup (single, married, # of children, etc.), among others. Knowing most renters need to give notice of vacancy or renewal 30 days prior to the end of their lease, XYZ plans a monthly mailer to go to any of their clients whose lease will expire anywhere from 40-70 days from now.

XYZ chooses 10 of their best listings that showcase properties targeted towards specific demographics. For example, one highlights a 3-bedroom apartment in an upscale, family-oriented neighborhood close to Central Park while another highlights an inexpensive studio in a trendy, youthful neighborhood.

At runtime, our software determines which property to feature depending on the address being printed on that particular piece. The client ends up with a piece tailored perfectly to their needs and wants, resulting in a much higher response rate for XYZ.

Simple Variable-Data Printing

ABC Widgets wants to do a monthly mailer to their database of 1,000 clients. They export their mailing list to an Excel spreadsheet that includes the client's name and address. Each month they provide copy for the mailer along with the spreadsheet. Searles Graphics designs a postcard with the copy provided by ABC Widgets and imprints each one digitally with the recipient's address already included on the postcard.

If you are creative in your application of the technology, the possibilities are virtually limitless.