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Should You Invest in Content Marketing? – The Messengers

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Modern marketing is all about effective storytelling.

Fortunately, the tools to tell those stories have never been more accessible. This means that it’s easier than ever for your business to have an up-to-date, modern, and attractive website with valuable SEO content that allows anybody looking for your services or products to find you quickly and easily.

For many this comes in the form of the website copy that describes what a business does and what they are like. But others choose to enhance that tools like blogs or video content on their website, which can be used to boost search rankings and increase interaction.

Of course, content marketing also means sticking to a regular publishing schedule. Without investing in quality content and active and consistent promotion, putting something like a blog on your website can be more of a hindrance than a help.

In this episode of the Messengers Podcast, Chris Searles and Rob Seifert talk about their experience working on content for their own business and share some of the misconceptions about content and promotion they regularly come across.

The duo explains why these tools can be invaluable if used properly, but can occasionally do more harm than good and why many people underestimate the amount of time that’s needed for both creating and also promoting their original content.

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