First, thank you to all who have been supporting Event Incite. We have a lot of features we're working on and ideas we'd love to implement for you but without users there's no point in doing any of it. So thank you and please don't forget to share us with others so we can continue with our mission to help increase event attendance for our promoters and provide value to our publishers.

We've released a number of updates over the past couple weeks that I wanted to make sure you had a chance to take a look at. The first is our redesigned event page. Your public event listing pages have been completely overhauled to provide a better user experience on both mobile and desktop devices and we hope you love the new look as much as we do! Click here to take a look at some of the new listings.

With that change comes some new suggestions on how to format your events to get the most out of your listing and try to draw as much attention to your event as you can. Staying consistent with most other platforms, landscape (horizontal) images are highly preferred and function much better across Event Incite and when your events are shared on social media so be sure to format your images in landscape and not portrait. Spending a few minutes on an image can make all the difference in generating a click-through to your event.

You'll also notice all of our event listing pages have split into "Feature" and "Upcoming" events now. This change was done to help promote one-time events that tend to be larger in scope than repetitive events like a happy hour or weekly special.

Version 2 of our calendar widget is now available to all users with Publisher accounts. This brand new embedded calendar provides huge updates in design and on-page SEO for your own web pages and is fully responsive to the size of the space you allocate to the calendar. If you don't yet have a publisher account, you can click here to upgrade. If you already have version 1 installed on your site, simply grab the latest widget code and replace the old with the new!

Our blog is up and running so please check back early and often for helpful tips and tricks about Event Incite and promoting your events in general!

We also improved event discover throughout the site, have improved some of our localization features, improved the speed a number of our pages load, and released a number of other minor design and technological updates you should check out!

You should also notice your events being promoted via Event Incite's social media accounts (if you haven't, you will!). We'd love it if you would follow us back on social media and help share our page with your audience so they're notified by us (and you) whenever you have something exciting coming up!

Thanks again and don't be shy with the invitations to those awesome summer events!!!

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